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Ramazan Bayrami

Dernegimiz  tarafindan duzenlenen “Razaman Bayrami” programinda sizlerle birlikte olmaktan mutluluk duyariz.   Saygilarimizla Turkish American Society of Cleveland   Tarih:25 Haziran 2017,Pazar   Program 09:30 am  – Bayram Namazi 10:00 am  – Kahvalti ve Bayram Programi   Yer:Turkish American Society of Cleveland 13303 Madison Ave.Lakewood,OH 44107   Not:Program’da cocuklar icin oyun alanlari,pamuk sekeri ve surpriz bayram hediyeleri olacaktir....

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You are cordially invited

We cordially invite you and your family to the  Neighborhood & Friendship Iftar (Fast-Breaking) Dinners.   Fasting is practiced in many religious traditions and spiritual practices. We believe common traditions like fasting are important opportunities for people from different faith communities to become closer to each other. Now, we are in the holy month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast from the break of dawn to sunset. In this month, it is customary to invite friends, neighbors and relatives to share the fast breaking meal. We are inviting you for a dinner as a humble presentation of common ground,...

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Quran School

TAS Cleveland Quran School A Muslim should learn how to read our sacred book Holy Quran as it is originally revealed. To achieve this goal every Muslim should practice his reading under the guidance of a preacher. Surah Readings are very important to pray properly as the God ordered. Also to become close to the God, you should pray on all occasions. This program helps Muslims to practice Surah Readings and proper praying sayings derived from Quran and Prophet Muhammed to memorize for praying. This is a 14 week program open for every person interested in our community. The programs detail level may vary according the level of the attendees. First week a placement test is taken and guidance is given according to the level of the attendee. The attendee is responsible to get his/her Quran and other practice material as needed from the course. Following 12 weeks are designed with two 45 minutes sessions. The first session covers learning and practicing The Quran reading guidelines. The second session covers the Surah and Pray Sayings proper reading exercises and memorizing studies. The last 14th week is occupied for the ceremony and grating for graduation and certification of the attendees. Important notes to the attendees. A Guide To Reading The Quran published by North East Islamic Community Center will be used for practicing reading principles All attendees should have their...

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