Dear Friends,

The Turkish American Society of Cleveland cordially invites you to the fifth session of the Turkish Cooking Class. Come join us for some delicious food and friendly conversation! Please RSVP by e‐mailing

You can find the details below.

Turkish Food for Your Special Guests 

In this session, we will be preparing three types of food that are Tray Kebab, Rice Pilaf, and Coconut Milk Balls.

Tray Kebab (Tepsi Kebabi);

This is a very special dish for your guests.This recipe made with ground beef together with vegetables such as garlic, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Ingredients for this recipe include ground beef, potatoes, garlic, peppers, parsley, tomatoes and various spices. You will impress your guests with this delicious recipe.



Rice Pilaf (şehriyeli Pilav);

It is definitely one of the most famous dishes in Turkey! A quick and easy recipe for Turkish rice (şehriyeli Pilav) which makes a tasty side serving for many Turkish dishes…Turkish rice is very tasty. It is enriched with butter and indeed delicious on its own.Ingredients for this recipe include  rice, butter, water, orzo and salt.





Coconut Milk Balls (Sut Toplari)

It is a dessert in the Turkish cuisine.It is an easy, delicious and  healthy option when you have those sweet tooth cravings. This dessert recipe is a quick, delicious treat to serve on occasions like kitty parties and festivals. This easy recipe is not just delicious to eat but also very healthy for your kids! Ingredients for this dessert include  milk, butter, semolina-kind of grain, sugar, and whipped cream.You can give the desired shape and cover with coconut  flakes.




Important Note:

This is a hands-on cooking class. Ingredients and cooking materials will be provided at the event place. Each participant will take part in the preparing/cooking process and take samples home.

Fee: $15 per person (only cash, fee can be paid on the day of the event)

Date:    Saturday April 22, 2017.

Time:   11:30 am.- 2:30 pm.

Venue: 1585 Mallard Drive Mayfield Heights, OH

Mayland Towers (next to pool)